Embassy is the leading real estate developer in South India today, with landmark projects in both the residential space as well as the commercial space. Over the years, they have built a strong reputation for an attention-to-detail that caters to the crème-de-la-crème of Bangalore.
Our Role:
Creating websites and digital experiences that adequately reflect the exclusivity and perfectionism that Embassy brings to all of its projects. We have worked on multiple projects with Embassy over the years, helping them craft their distinctive digital presence.
Embassy One:
Primed to be the most mixed-use project in Bangalore, bringing with it the prestigious Four Seasons Residence, Four Seasons Hotel and a high-end mall that hosts some of the most leading brands in the world.
Four Seasons:
The name ‘Four Seasons’ is synonymous with luxury, and reputed to be one of the very best in hospitality. We gave it a website that delivered the essence of this name, both in the sense of quality and class, in an online experience.
Embassy Boulevard Club:
As the most coveted club membership in Bangalore, only a select view gain the opportunity to join Embassy Boulevard. It therefore deserved a website that reflects this exclusivity. We also built a mobile concierge app that members could use to reserve club amenities with ease from anywhere in the world.
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